Welcome to Thomas David Paynter's website, here you will find a list of things that I'm interested in and projects that I'm part of.

My personal homepage.


TDPWiki is the site that I use to keep a log of the projects that I work on in my free time, it is never finished as I steadily add new content. I try to present it nicely and make the content useful. and

My friend runs a business selling antique and collectable coins, he provides a large amount of free and interesting information and is always willing to answer your numismatic questions. I look after the technical side of the site while he runs the business and provides the content for the site.

Evidence In Camera

Evidence In Camera was a wartime magazine published to encourage interest in arial reconosance in the second world war. As far as I'm aware there were more than 70 issues published, I have a large number of these and I plan to reproduce them digitally on this site.